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More About Vito M Pirri

1951: Born and raised to a 2nd generation Sicilian family in Toronto, Canada.

At the young age of 3-years old, while driving with my dad and grandfather, we were involved in a car accident; I was thrown out of my dad’s 52 Caddy.

Scarred all over, my early life was a huge challenge. Bullying & being accepted by others, and being grades behind other students in my class became a discouraging memory of mine.

Thank God for my parent’s fruit market. At Pirri’s California Market, I was accepted by all of dad’s customers. My self-esteem and confidence was growing daily.

My formal education ended at 16-years old, and then “The School of Hard Knocks” kicked-in. What a Ride!

What was I going to do now...Nobody cared about the boy with the scar!

From there on, the next 49-years were fascinating. I had started some 15+ businesses: many of them in different industries. My creativity, foresight, resilience and hard work were some very important characteristics that gained me optimum success.

Some of my businesses were very successful and some were not. A lot of experience in money management, marketing, relationships, both personal as well as business, were lessons learned and valued that help to mould me into the entrepreneur I became.

Years ago I was a guest presenter to a class of entrepreneurial students at Brock University. I was so well received. I shared with the students all the very important requirements necessary in business to accomplish their dreams.

It has always been a personal dream of mine to write a book about my life’s story as an educational tool for entrepreneurial students.

My dream has come to fruition. Now at 68-years old, retired and working on my book for the past 2-plus years, my book has finally gone to my publisher, with an expected release date of December 2019.


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Keynote Topics





  • Do You Have A Business Plan?
  • Do You Have A Budget?
  • Demographics
  • Retail Curb Appeal
  • Know Your Competition
  • Schematics – How To Set Up Your Store
  • Retail Theory


  • Partnerships
  • Work Ethics And Skills
  • Staffing
  • Customer Service & Attention
  • Giving Back To Your Community


  • The Art Is In The Buying
  • Pricing To Sell
  • Margins
  • Merchandising In-store
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Inventory Control

About the Book

hardcover book - the boy with the scarAt a very young age, Vito was in a car accident and suffered from childhood cancer that scarred his face. At first, these scars defined him as he was bullied by peers and fell behind in school. But while Vito was falling behind academically, he was not failing in life. He turned his disability into a driving force that compelled him to succeed. After working in his father’s fruit market at an early age, he began managing a competitor’s store at the tender age of 17. From there, he would go on to be a business and marketing innovator and open and operate more than 15 different businesses – mostly (but not exclusively) in the produce, health food, and home renovations and landscaping fields.

The Boy With The Scar has something for everyone. As an autobiography, Vito’s life story makes for good reading. As a motivational book, his drive and passion will inspire readers to work for their dreams. And as a guide on how to be successful in business, it is a valuable resource for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs.

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