Reviews of The Boy with the Scar

From our readers... Thank you very much! 


Good Morning Vito,

Last evening when I got home, I found a copy of your book in the mail...THANK YOU!!!

I was so excited to read it. After a late dinner I settled into my comfy chair and began. It was such an interesting and easy read that I finished it all in one sitting.

Congratulations on writing an inspirational and motivational book. It's easy to talk of our successes ... but you go beyond and and expose us to some of your 'failures' as well. How it takes the all experiences learned throughout life to ride us through the successes and forge us through the failures.

I so much appreciate your sending me an autographed copy... AUGURI 👍👍👍👏👏 WELL DONE!!!

~ Grace Isgro, Club Messina,

Debi Katsmar - boy with the scar

Hi Vito, Truly a tale of rags, riches and retail! Awesome book. Being local to Niagara, I have followed your path since the days of Pirri's Natural Foods on Ontario Street - long before I met you. It has been truly a pleasure working with you for the past 10 years. Your book inspired me, and will be a valuable asset to any entrepreneur throughout their journey in business. I can hardly wait to attend one of your keynotes! 

~ Debi Katsmar, PRowl Communications




~ Georgiann B.

Hi Vito,

This morning I ended up with my grandkids for couple of hours. Read your book. Fantastic!! I thought I was a busy boy moving, changing, experimenting... I am a sloth compared to you. Congratulations on a great book. I will be sure to pass it on!

~ Noel Hay

Pre-Published Reviews

To be transported so vividly into a person’s life from six decades ago up until the present time has been a magnificent treat. I have come to know and value a colleague’s achievements because of the passion and commitment, which he has vividly shared with this truly engaging personal story. As one turns a page and moves on to the next chapters, a daring and changing parade of groceries, health foods, landscaping and a host of other activities are seen with an innovative and special marketing flair. Mr. Pirri’s life of invention and introspection is a vivid account from which any reader, senior or younger and aspiring business-person will gain.

Bruce Knicley, Retired Professor

I am finally done reading a beautiful, and touching and honest life story of the real Vito’s was easy to read for me because it just flowed and honestly was so sincere. I expected it to be good, but it was more than that. It was honestly a lovely rendition of a hard worker, good and solid man's full life.

I see nothing to change (now I am not an expert at sentences and writing and paragraphs and technical stuff) but I know a good and true work of art and I JUST FINISHED ONE.

Thank you for sharing The Boy With The Scar with me and I was honored to share your life story. It was deeply personal, but in a very well done way.

Georgina, Retired Court Recorder, Buffalo, New York

As a little boy, the author had not one, but two brushes with death that left him scarred. One scar was visible on his face, the other was not seen, but it resided in his heart. How he coped with overcoming challenges in his youth; and becoming a successful businessman many times over in his adult life, is the fabric of this down to earth book. It is an honest testimony of how adversity can cause a person to become stronger and to grow. Embedded in his story is a treasure chest of business principles garnered through the decades of trial and error that could benefit any entrepreneur. This book may give you the courage to step out into your new venture.

Taylor, Student

I read your book in one sitting Vito.

It was like a roller coaster ride. Leaving the platform and climbing, travelling up and up then down and up again, then down and up picking up speed, rounding curves, making twists and turns, covering new territory up, down, around and then the ride drew to a close and I, as the reader... wanted to go again.

This exciting book is succinctly written and just so honest and pure. Bursting with business principles in an authentic real-life context. The successes and failures, the trials and errors, the hard work, fun and love of serving with the goal of making a profit; the importance of relationship, family life, starting over, never giving up, turning negatives into positives and lots of color, humor and variety. Vito is a man before his time in innovation and “bright” ideas. This book is a treasure of information and knowledge gleaned over a 110-year period and spanning three generations. What a story! If your goal is to educate and encourage new entrepreneurs Vito, I think you have succeeded in The Boy with The Scar.

I feel very privileged that you have asked me to read it. I will let this experience sink in and will come up with a statement as you asked. A one-sentence comment! I just opened the email after supper to see if the document would open and I started reading and didn’t stop until I read every word. It is easy to read and has a momentum of its own. It affected my emotions as I was experiencing what you were describing. I will close for now.

Best Wishes with this venture.

~ Connie Hendrikson, Retired Registered Nurse, Edmonton, Alberta

About the Book

hardcover book - the boy with the scarAfter a traumatic near death experience which left him terribly scarred. Vito turned his disability into a driving force that compelled him to succeed. After working in his father’s fruit market at an early age, he began managing a competitor’s store at the tender age of 17. From there, he would go on to be a business and marketing innovator and open and operate more than 15 different businesses – mostly (but not exclusively) in the produce, health food, and home renovations and landscaping fields.

The Boy With The Scar has something for everyone. As an autobiography, Vito’s life story makes for good reading. As a motivational book, his drive and passion will inspire readers to work for their dreams. And as a guide on how to be successful in business, it is a valuable resource for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs.

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