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Aesthetician Diana Rutgers, with diplomas in Manicure, Cosmetic Camouflage, Lymph Drainage, Make-up and Canadian Cosmetics, is especially trained to handle areas of facial and body skin care.

As a professional she is qualified to give facials, waxing, micro-eye massage, eyebrow trimming, tinting, peeling, bleaching, packings, masks, acne treatment and manicures, including arm and hand massage.

Diana hopes to teach the client, men and women, the importance of healthy skin. She specializes in waterproof camouflage for flaming birthmarks, surgical scars and chronic skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis.

Bridal make-up is another area of specialization for Diana.

Originally from Rotterdam, Holland, Diana will be using the natural skin and facial care products of Rachel Perry and Annemarie Borlind, both leading manufactures of natural herbal based cosmetics. Rachel Perry originated in America and Annemarie Borlind comes from the Black Forest in Germany.

Diana feels sun, wind, cold, environmental pollution, encourage premature aging so it is important to use the LL Regenerating Series early and regularly as it sets out safely and surely to deal with biological changes in the skin.

Three biological preparations contain vegetable oils and waxes, vitamins, herbal ingredients, phyto-hormones (plant hormones) and have been developed over many years in accordance with the most recent scientific discoveries. Special emphasis is given to the many  different skin types, especially sensitive, dry, poorly moisturized skin with enlarged capilliaries, oily, normal, and skin of mixed type.

“I feel it is very important not only in the products you use, but how you apply them as well as how you treat your skin,” Diana said.

“Cleansing the skin is very important. Fresh air, diet and rest also affect your skin as well.”

On your first visit Diana will do a complete skin examination and discuss with you what changes may be necessary to give you a healthier skin.

For that healthy, beautiful look nature intended for all men and women, call Diana today for a complimentary consultation and free samples.

Diana Rutgers
International Hair Clinic
Ontario Street
St. Catharines

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international hair clinic - a vito pirri business

Are you losing your hair? There is something you can do about it, besides worry. To understand the reasons for hair loss and take positive steps to prevent it, contact the International Hair Clinic.

The concept of the International Hair Clinic is new and unique, now opened in St. Catharines. Owned and operated by Vito Pirri.

The International Hair Clinic’s exclusive Tricho-analysis Confidential Questionnaire provides the clinic’s experts with invaluable information to aid in a complete professional analysis of the client’s general health and habits, method of hair car and salon treatments. A specially prepared “Hair Loss” Questionnaire further aids in the analysis of specific situations. After careful analysis, The International Hair Clinic staff works closely with the client to achieve optimum results. This might include monitoring diet and hair care habits, as well as treatment with internationally proven products, all 100% natural Hungarian herbal lotions.

Hair Loss, both in men and increasingly more in women, can result from many factors – nutritional, environmental, emotional, genetic, mechanical or chemical damage from implements used on the hair, dies or perms. If hair loss is disturbing you, you owe it to your peace of mind and to your appearance to consult the genuine experts: The professionals at the International Hair Clinic who understand and can help. Call Gloria Shirley for your free consultation TODAY.  

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