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the boy with the scar

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hardcover book - the boy with the scarAt a very young age, Vito was in a car accident and suffered from childhood cancer that scarred his face. At first, these scars defined him as he was bullied by peers and fell behind in school. But while Vito was falling behind academically, he was not failing in life. He turned his disability into a driving force that compelled him to succeed. After working in his father’s fruit market at an early age, he began managing a competitor’s store at the tender age of 17. From there, he would go on to be a business and marketing innovator and open and operate more than 15 different businesses – mostly (but not exclusively) in the produce, health food, and home renovations and landscaping fields.

The Boy With The Scar has something for everyone. As an autobiography, Vito’s life story makes for good reading. As a motivational book, his drive and passion will inspire readers to work for their dreams. And as a guide on how to be successful in business, it is a valuable resource for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs.

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Growing up in a pretty affluent neighbourhood, my childhood luckily didn't include "rags". When Susan and I first married and I was working 20-hour day. But it was really when I was taking any job I could find, that rags were somewhat of a reality. For the first time in my life, gas money was difficult to come up with; eating out was a luxury and suits from long ago had to suffice. It was a challenge making ends meet.

Can you imagine going from the Cadillac to the Volvo to the 15-year old Taurus? Can you imagine having to move in with the parents? And since my credit rating was gone, my mother had to co-sign a loan for me. Can you imagine what this did to my ego? I was feeling as ragged as I was looking.



I've learned that one of the most important needs growing up is a good mentor. My Dad was the best, teaching me both people and business skills from day one.

I was able to give my three beautiful kids a comfortable lifestyle with every opportunity they desired. They in turn enriched my life beyond compare.

When Ann entered the Pirri picture, I once again felt abundance. Ann, not only best friend, wife and grandmother to my grandchildren, Ann is my financial advisor, accountant and constant source of encouragement. And, after my book journey, she is also my computer maven!

Riches come in many forms, but it sure feels "magnifico" having such health and wealth at this time in my life. 

Living the dream can be a reality!


Who said it was no fun going to work at 5 in the morning? Not me because it was there I met Susan, the beautiful daughter of one of my peach suppliers. She too was helping in her family business. I was in heaven when we loaded the truck together. I couldn't stop thinking about her so decided on a visit to St.Catharines to visit her family's sprawling peach and tender fruit farm. We enjoyed a family dinner and an exciting motorcycle ride around the property. It was obvious something important had begun. After a 2-year courtship, we married and the next 25 years brought 3 kids and albums full of fond memories.

Divorce was never in my vocabulary but now it was in my life. When Susan and I parted the businesses were also on the decline. Nothing seemed to be working...until...I took another gamble. I joined a dating agency and met the woman who truly has become my soul mate. We were two peas in a pod; both hard workers with a plan.

Without romance I would never have attained the successes I did. And now in retirement I have time for a lot more of the good stuff that comes with remaining a romantic forever.


Over the years, we have all walked past hundreds of stores. From that vantage point it seems pretty basic; stock the shelves, open the doors, make money.  

I learned at an early age, what a myth this really was. The retail business is as complex and challenging as a good game of chess. If one idea or strategy didn't achieve the sales I needed, I thought of something else. No Fear is a must in the retail game.

Though some rules are constant, so much changes with location, timing, personnel, etc. I had 15 retail locations throughout my career, some wildly successful, others not so much. What worked in one, didn't always work in another. 

My many years in retail also gave me the opportunity to talk with and feel confident with every kind of person, and helped me overcome my early insecurities.