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Discover how life's challenges can be a constant inspiration and how unfamiliar territory, though frightening, can turn into your catalyst to innovation.

the original pirris

Vito riding in Cuba with wife, AnneWhile on vacation in Cuba, February 2017, (Perhaps Hemingway was channeling me.. Ha!). The sun, the sand and the sea gave me peace of mind and clarity to hone in what I really wanted to do next.

My inspiration was well documented in my early 30’s when I was a guest speaker at Brock University in St. Catharines, to a 2nd year Entrepreneurial class. I was so inspired by the attentive classmates questions, I felt I had a lot of business experience I could share. I felt like a professor of business.

IPad in hand, my book journey began. Lying by the pool at our vacation resort; I began to clear my head of memories, dating back to childhood 300-unedited pages later; my dream was taking shape. Not knowing what was involved in writing a book, I relied heavily on Dr. Google, “Research, Research, Research” and the encouragement of family and friends.

Upon arriving home from Cuba, my search for photos, advertisements, articles, baby books, memories etc. began. Burying my self in my home’s writing studio, now I had to get my timelines straight, what a job that was!
I not only wrote my memoir, I added a teaching component to my book, where I could assist young budding entrepreneurs with getting their start, in the world of business.
Doing my research, I decided on my publisher. Numerous guidelines were asked of me while communicating with my publishing team. Editing, marketing, price, book cover etc. were all part of my publishing plan of attack.

From start up to finish product, little did I realize when deciding to publish my book, it would take 2-plus years from startup to publish. Well, now I’m down to the final few weeks before publishing and very involved with making my book perfect, with my publisher’s expertise and help. 

About the Book

hardcover book - the boy with the scarAt a very young age, Vito was in a car accident and suffered from childhood cancer that scarred his face. At first, these scars defined him as he was bullied by peers and fell behind in school. But while Vito was falling behind academically, he was not failing in life. He turned his disability into a driving force that compelled him to succeed. After working in his father’s fruit market at an early age, he began managing a competitor’s store at the tender age of 17. From there, he would go on to be a business and marketing innovator and open and operate more than 15 different businesses – mostly (but not exclusively) in the produce, health food, and home renovations and landscaping fields.

The Boy With The Scar has something for everyone. As an autobiography, Vito’s life story makes for good reading. As a motivational book, his drive and passion will inspire readers to work for their dreams. And as a guide on how to be successful in business, it is a valuable resource for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs.

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